Riders Share

The best motorcycle peer to peer rentals website: www.riders-share.com

Make $50-$300 a day by renting your motorcycle. We run background & DMV checks, provide insurance & find you customers. Or rent from the other riders like you and save money!


We are working to find an adequate insurance policy for both owners and renters, hopefully by 2018. Until then, bookings are paused.

Owners must adhere to our Terms of Service. For example, if the owner of the motorcycle fails to maintain the motorcycle properly such that it causes an accident, then it is considered that the renter was not negligent and the liability will fall on the owner. For this reason, we strongly encourage owners to have their motorcycles well maintained and to keep maintenance records. 

Insurance doesn't cover things that are unlawful. Therefore, speeding tickets, tolls, parking violations and other fines are not covered by insurance. If you receive any of these, you will be billed by RidersShare (and we will reimburse motorcycle owners).

We also hear some owners recommend fitting a device to your motorcycle to keep track of the bike's location. They may also require a monthly subscription: