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Austin, TX Riding Loop!

We are pleased to announce over 2,000 bikes have been listed on Riders Share. We have also completed over 2,000 days of riding and 98% of them with no issues at all!

Take advantage of cooler weather finally arriving in Austin!  And add your own ride if you’re in town for the upcoming rounds of the Professional Bull Riders tour or the World Rallycross Championship, both on the weekend of September 28-29.


To get you out into the hill country outside Austin, we’ve put together a loop around Lake Travis.  Meet riding buddies and fill up for the ride at the Omelettry with their chili con queso omelet or gingerbread pancakes, if you have a sweet tooth.


You have plenty of choices for your steed!  And with our new review feature, you may now see the profile of the owner while booking.  Don’t forget to leave your own review to let other riders know about your experience.

Riding route – This loop starts and ends at the Omelettry.  It runs counter-clockwise and takes you along mostly quiet, two-lane roads northwest of Austin.  The ride takes about 3 ½ hours to cover its 134-mile length.

For a Google Map with turn-by-turn directions, click here:  Austin, TX loop.  Check out our prior blog post for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to navigate on your cell phone with the road map.

Stay safe and ride more!

-The Riders Share Team

Denver, Colorado Riding Loop!

Labor Day means it’s three day weekend! Where will you ride? Denver edition.

Whether you live in Denver or are there on vacation, there are a ton of special events this weekend. 

Locals can kick off the college football season with the Rocky Mountain Showdown between Colorado and Colorado State on Friday night. Follow it up with a visit to the Brews & Views Beer Fest on Saturday or get your fill of local food at A Taste of Colorado, which runs all weekend.


And take a day to get into the mountains for a ride! To cap off the holiday weekend, we’ve put together a riding loop through the Front Range, plus a few bikes you can rent now on Riders Share. If you know some great back roads where you live, then send them to us!

Riding loop – This route takes you along curving roads to the southwest of Denver. It takes about 4 hours to ride its 182-mile length. It’s a mix of tight, twisty roads like Rt. 67 and faster, flowing sections like Tarryall Road (Rt. 77).


For a Google Map with turn-by-turn directions, click here:  Denver/Front Range loop. Check out our blog post for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to navigate on your cell phone with the road map.

Stay safe and keep riding,

-The Riders Share Team

Bay Area Summer Riding

The heart of summer is finally here. Time to ride!


To help you plan an epic ride this summer, we’ve pulled together a few bikes you can rent and a hilly riding route north of San Francisco. If you have any great rides in your area that you’d like to recommend, please email us!

 Rent this bad boy!

Rent this bad boy!

 Or cruise on this mean one

Or cruise on this mean one

This route through Marin County takes you over part of the coastal mountain range and along some of the quieter back roads as it does a big loop around Mt. Tamalpais. It takes about two hours to ride its 52-mile length.

Start the day by meeting up with riding buddies or fueling up on cake donuts at Donut Alley or pancakes at Farm House Local, which are half a block from each other in Larkspur. Wrap up the ride at Iron Springs Pub & Brewery in the center of Fairfax.

For a Google Map with turn-by-turn directions, click here:  San Francisco Bay Area loop. Check out our initial blog post for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to navigate on your cell phone with the road map.

Stay safe and keep riding,

-The Riders Share Team

Did you know this road near Washington, D.C.?

Hello Folks,

Did you know there are sweet roads around the nation's capital? We’re showcasing a few bikes and a great riding loop into the Shenandoah Valley to help you get out of the heat and enjoy the summer .

 No, seriously, lots of shade.

No, seriously, lots of shade.

Looking for an escape from Washington DC for the July 4th weekend? Celebrate your independence with a motorcycle ride! We’re showcasing a few bikes and a great riding loop into the Shenandoah Valley to help you get out of the heat and enjoy the holiday.

Riding loop –

This route takes you across the rolling terrain of Virginia’s wine country, over Blue Ridge Mountains switchbacks and up the less traveled and historic Fort Valley.  The 195-mile ride should take about 3 hours 45 minutes on a holiday or weekend day. 

There’s no better place to start a ride around Independence Day than the Liberty Tavern or Northside Social in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, VA. Both let you enjoy your coffee and breakfast while sitting outside. At the end of the day, wrap up your ride at Ray’s the Steaks or Fireworks Pizza – favorites of a member of our staff.


For a Google Map with turn-by-turn directions click here:  Northern Virginia loop. Check out our blog post for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use the road map.

For an alternate loop with more mountain top views, turn off of Rt. 211 and ride north on Skyline Drive as it snakes across the top of a mountain ridge towards Front Royal, VA. Skyline Drive is a scenic cruise that’s low speed due to slow moving RVs and cars in the summer plus a lot of Park Police.

Now You Can Auction Your Motorcycle Too!

PowersportsAuction.com announces $200M worth of on-demand searchable motorcycle and powersports listings. 

We're proud to reach this major milestone today and want to give thanks to the consumers who visit our site and use our powersports instant search technology.

In our first month officially out of beta, we saw almost 35K visitors perform more than 500K searches using our instant search technology.

It's a phenomenal response and we're excited to continue growing and improving our user experience. 

We appreciate every ounce of feedback from our users and are passionate about introducing a new way to buy and sell motorcycles and powersports online. 

Test out our instant search and see just how lightning fast it is.

We're making some exciting announcements in the coming weeks and look forward to serving buyers, dealers, lenders, & OEM's alike with new features we have rolling out.

We're always around and love hearing from you. Please get in touch if you want to ask something, or even just to say hello!

Include Motorcycles In The Future Of Mobility

Bill A6181 is in the works and regulates vehicle sharing programs in New York. In its current form, it excludes motorcycles. This would set a terrible precedent for the role of motorcycles in a future with self driving technology.  Two NY assembly members are working on this bill.

We received a response from the office of Assembly Member Donna A. Lupardo and they are reviewing my request to include motorcycles in the bill. If you care about motorcycles, please email Donna too, and let others in the motorcycle industry know:


Bill: https://lnkd.in/grBcu7A

We argued that in a world of self driving vehicles, motorcycles will be a viable, environmentally friendly alternative to cars that alleviates congestion.  If you'd like to learn more about these types of regulations, feel free to contact us.

Together, we can keep motorcycling as alive as ever. Thanks for your help! 

-The Riders Share Team


The Future of Motorcycles Is Bright

Recently, the motorcycle media has been all doom and gloom. Baby boomers are getting too old to ride and young people aren't nearly as interested in riding in the U.S.

A few years ago, there was a similar myth in the car industry: millenials don't like driving anymore. It turns out, after some studies and recent sales results, that they simply could not afford cars and were postponing marriage. Unlike the boomer generation that taxed the rich and distributed to the average American, this new generation is saddled with student loans and salaries that, adjusted for inflation, are lower than their parents' generation.

Motorcycles are usually a second vehicle and more of a luxury good than cars. It is therefore not surprising young people are not buying them like their parents did. But here is the good news!

Self-driving cars are coming, and car safety tech will make motorcycle riding safer.

Even cars today have safety features that alarm the driver if they are swerving out of their lane. In the future,  motorcycle riders will have more and more freedom to ride without fearing cagers. And traffic will be worse, so lane sharing will become a very appealing trait, moving motorcycles from a leisure activity to more of a transportation activity in the U.S.

In the meanwhile, to make motorcycles more affordable for millenials and boomers alike, Riders Share (www.riders-share.com) presents an opportunity to offset the costs of owning a motorcycle, while at the same time offering low cost, good service rentals.

Lower Cost + Lower Risk = More Motorcycle Riding.

Ride on, my friends. And check out the best bikes and prices for rentals on www.riders-share.com

 Rent this baby in Miami for Daytona Bike Week on Riders Share and help a rider make money!

Rent this baby in Miami for Daytona Bike Week on Riders Share and help a rider make money!

An Alternative to Eagle Rider

Recently, we compared the price of a traditional motorcycle rentals company vs. Riders Share's peer to peer motorcycle rentals. You can save over $400 on a 5 day trip if you choose Riders Share. With Riders Share, there are no hidden fees. If you want to bring your own insurance, you can, otherwise you can purchase a Damage Waiver for $29 a day.

Some nice things about Riders Share:

  • Free cancellations first 7 days
  • Motorcycle model guaranteed
  • Prepaid fuel included
  • Sales tax included
  • No deposit required!! 

Plus, the safety in the knowledge that your bike is maintained by the same person that rides it, as opposed to a third party with no attachment to the bike.


Riders Share Relaunch

We are pleased to announce that RIDERS SHARE IS BACK!!!

After pausing for a few months to redesign our site and find a new insurance partner that is compliant with state regulations in all of the US, we are finally back online.

We did a 'soft' launch on February 1st and today we announced our official relaunch. Since we the new site came out, we have added 50 motorcycles - a monthly record and we are only half way through February. We can easily claim to have the largest variety of motorcycles available for rent in the US, if not the world. Thanks for your support!

As of today, we are also the only peer to peer motorcycle rentals company covered by an insurance policy meeting regulatory requirements for peer to peer vehicle rental programs in all 50 states. 

We are gearing up for a strong summer. We hope you can save money by using Riders Share, or make extra money. We are going to make motorcycle riding a lot more affordable and easy. 


The Riders Share Team

(Brendon & Guillermo)


Customer Success Story!

Last week, one of our first customers had a friend visiting from Germany. They rented a motorcycle from Mike for 5 days and put 1,000 miles on it! Everything went well, according to them. Here's the best part of the story: our customer saves almost $700 compared to traditional rentals.

Mike was happy to make +$200 from this ride. He also recognized he could have charged a bit more. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind users that the site is programmed to automatically give discounts on longer term rentals; as an owner, you have full control of what these discounts can be.

We are the best value in motorcycle rentals. Ride on!


RidersShare is Growing!

It's been less than a month, and RidersShare already offers more than 20 motorcycles in more than 10 different cities across almost 10 states.

 We do not display the exact locations of our motorcycles to protect the privacy of our users.

We do not display the exact locations of our motorcycles to protect the privacy of our users.

We are particularly successful in the Southern California area, where we have about 10 motorcycles already:

 Perfect weather year round. Rent one of these!

Perfect weather year round. Rent one of these!

This weekend, we will be sending our motorcycle owners tips on how to get them rented out more often, so that they can make more money.

How to Promote Your Motorcycle

So you are thinking about listing on RidersShare, or you already have your motorcycle listed? Good! Here is a list of steps you can take to make sure it gets rented faster:

1.) Google My Business

This is the most important thing you can do. When people search for motorcycle rentals on Google, they can see yours in the maps section if it is listed in Google My Business. To do it, follow the link below and fill in the info. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your contact info, use support@riders-share.com and (657) 200-5470 instead. Once you are done. you will receive a letter from Google in a few days to verify your address. It's very simple and super effective:




2.) Yelp for Business Owners

This is very similar to Google My Business. In this case, however, RidersShare Inc has the ability to create a listing for you (if you are feeling lazy). Just reply to this email letting us know! Otherwise, create the listing yourself using this link:



3.) Good 'Ole Craigslist

Create a listing under "For Sale by Owner" in the motorcycles section. Make sure to clearly title it "For RENT Only" or something along those lines. Again, you can use your contact info or RidersShare's - it's up to you. Make sure not to use a link to www.riders-share.com, but instead mention the bike can be found at RidersShare's website (to be compliant with Craigslist's policies).



4.) Any Free Website

Tell your friends about RidersShare on social media; forums and other location listing websites like Yelp. We will be very grateful, and your pockets too! For any questions/suggestions, send an email to support @riders-share.com

Thank you, and keep the rubber side down!

In what states do you legally need to wear a motorcycle helmet?

                    At RidersShare, we encourage you to be as safe as possible. Overall, studies have shown over and over that helmets have saved countless of lives and you should use them when riding motorcycles (full-face helmets if you care about being not so ugly after the accident).

That said, motorcycles are about freedom, so here's a list of states with helmet laws. Keep in mind you need to be 25 or older to rent from RidersShare. States may have different rules for your under 21 or under 18 passenger, not covered here

Do you always wear a helmet? Click HERE  to learn how you can save on motorcycle rentals.

Need Helmet:











New Jersey

New York

No. Carolina






W. Virginia


No Helmet:














New Hampshire

New Mexico

No. Dakota



So. Dakota









Rhode Island

So. Carolina