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The Future of Motorcycles Is Bright

Recently, the motorcycle media has been all doom and gloom. Baby boomers are getting too old to ride and young people aren't nearly as interested in riding in the U.S.

A few years ago, there was a similar myth in the car industry: millenials don't like driving anymore. It turns out, after some studies and recent sales results, that they simply could not afford cars and were postponing marriage. Unlike the boomer generation that taxed the rich and distributed to the average American, this new generation is saddled with student loans and salaries that, adjusted for inflation, are lower than their parents' generation.

Motorcycles are usually a second vehicle and more of a luxury good than cars. It is therefore not surprising young people are not buying them like their parents did. But here is the good news!

Self-driving cars are coming, and car safety tech will make motorcycle riding safer.

Even cars today have safety features that alarm the driver if they are swerving out of their lane. In the future,  motorcycle riders will have more and more freedom to ride without fearing cagers. And traffic will be worse, so lane sharing will become a very appealing trait, moving motorcycles from a leisure activity to more of a transportation activity in the U.S.

In the meanwhile, to make motorcycles more affordable for millenials and boomers alike, Riders Share (www.riders-share.com) presents an opportunity to offset the costs of owning a motorcycle, while at the same time offering low cost, good service rentals.

Lower Cost + Lower Risk = More Motorcycle Riding.

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 Rent this baby in Miami for Daytona Bike Week on Riders Share and help a rider make money!

Rent this baby in Miami for Daytona Bike Week on Riders Share and help a rider make money!